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Ashcraft-Fraser House

Barbara MacDonald Magone is the composer of this happy reel. She plays it for us in her own beautiful style. Barbara is admired by musicians for her solo piano playing and her sensitivity when performing with others. She composed 'Ashcraft-Fraser…

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Reel Bus, The

On this track we hear a lovely reel performed by its composer, Barbara MacDonald Magone. Barbara tells us in her own words below how the tune came to be: 'In the spring of 2005, the San Francisco Fiddle Club (of which I am a member) took a tour of…

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Riverview Cabin A

Barbara MacDonald Magone composed this tune on a trip to one of the best-known and best-loved fiddle camps. She writes, 'This reel was written for the great cabin I inhabited (with many good musician friends) over the many years that I taught at the…

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