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Banks of the Shannon, The

The reel played on this track by Catherine McEvoy was one that Paddy O'Brien and I had considered recording with Charlie Lennon for The Banks of the Shannon mini-LP that we made in the 1970s. I'm not exactly sure why we did not record it. Then,…

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Fourpenny Bit, The

Another tune that Larry Gavin sent to me is this reel. Larry found it in 'The Bible' of Irish music, the O'Neill's 1001 collection of tunes. It is played here for us by the great Catherine McEvoy with accompaniment by her nephew, Paddy McEvoy, on…

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Michael Relihan's

A lovely tune that came from the playing of John Kelly, the fiddle and concertina master from west County Clare. John had a storehouse of unusual tunes and was ever so generous in handing them down to other interested musicians. Michael Relihan was a…

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Bríd Donnelly's

I first heard this reel played by Bríd Donnelly, a fine flute player with The Pride of Erin Céilí Band from County Fermanagh. My friend Nicky McAuliffe calls it 'The West Clare', but I'm sure the musicians in West Clare would be…

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Bobbie Lawrie's

Roberta (Bobbie) Lawrie comes from the musical Lawrie family from Birmingham, England. On one occasion when I was visiting her home, Bobbie recorded some of her compositions for me. At that time, nobody in her household knew that she was composing…

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Granny in the Woods

Tom Morrison from Dunmore in County Galway recorded this polka in the early 1920s. Catherine McEvoy, originally from Birmingham, England, and now living in County Meath, delights us with her recording of this same tune: two great flute players at…

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