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Gearóid Ó Laidhigh's

Fiddle player Gearóid Ó Laidhigh and flute player John Darcy recorded this tune, a composition of Mr. Ó Laidhigh's, for Ciarán Mac Mathúna. Ciarán traveled throughout Ireland recording musicians and singers,…

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Jim Corcoran's Polka

Jim Corcoran is a wonderful friend who plays the fiddle and loves polkas. So does his teacher Laurel Martin, who composed this one for him. Here she plays it for all of us to hear and learn.

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Laurel Martin's Jig

My musical colleague and friend Laurel Martin made this lovely tune. Laurel did not think highly of her composition, nor did she think it good enough for this collection. Laurel, I love your jig, as do many others who have heard it. Thanks for…

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Men of Ulster, The

Seán Maguire recorded this tune and gave it the above title. It may be found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection in the key of G-major under the name 'Norfolk'. The beginning of the tune always brings to mind the hornpipe 'The Wily Bachelor'. Laurel…

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Shoemaker's Fancy, The

The young fiddle player Liam Lewis played this jig on a tape given to me by a friend one night after a concert. I stuck the tape into the cover of my fiddle case and forgot about it. Finding it later was a lovely surprise. My friend Laurel Martin…

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Gallant Tipperary Boys, The

This tune may be found in the O'Neill's Music of Ireland collection under the title 'Gallant Tipperary'. It also appears in The Roche Collection of Traditional Irish Music in the 'Airs' section of that book. The tune, played here by Laurel Martin,…

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