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Jack Coughlin's

I met Jack Coughlin only once, sometime in the early '60s. Jack was a lovely flute player in the lyrical and flowing style associated with East County Galway. He was living in London when I was introduced to him by my lifelong friend, master musician…

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Maude Miller

Nicky McAuliffe is an expert on the history and names of Irish music, as well as being proficient on many instruments and a noted teacher. Nicky and his wife Ann, herself a teacher and champion on a number of instruments, recorded this version of…

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Father Tom's Wager

This grand old jig appears in O'Neill's 1001. I first heard the legendary Joe Burke play this tune with the lovely surprise variation in the second part. Thanks to Holland Raper for learning the tune and playing it on her fiddle. She is a former…

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