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Savage Paddy

My nephew Damien Connolly plays his own composition on this track. I asked Damien for information on the tune and its title. He writes: 'I composed this tune on an old fiddle I purchased at an auction. The fiddle itself wasn't great, but it had a…

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My nephew Damien Connolly plays another of his compositions on the fiddle on this track. When I asked him the name of the tune he gave me the answer, 'Ideno', a Killaloe contraction of 'I don't know'!

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Bottle of Cop-On, A

An expression in Ireland when I was growing up was, 'Ah, cop-on', which means something like 'get with it'. Damien Connolly, my nephew, remembers the saying too, and he suggested the above title as a name for the composition which he plays on this…

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Killaloe Reel, The

My nephew Damien Connolly plays a reel of his own composition. In his words he tells us about his native Killaloe: 'I am very proud of my hometown of Killaloe, County Clare. I lived there for twelve years before moving to Ennis. Killaloe is my first…

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Memories of East Clare

The tune on this track was composed by my nephew Damien Connolly. When I asked Damien what memories this tune's title referred to, he immediately said, 'Well, I grew up listening to a blend of Clare, Sligo, and Kerry fiddling. This is a tune that…

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