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Mrs. Galvin's Barndance

The fiddle playing of Mrs. Ellen Galvin, who was born in the 1880s, certainly did sound as though it were from an earlier time in history. I remember seeing her perform in a concert in West Clare in the late 1950s. I was enthralled with her music…

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Mountain Pathway, The

Kevin McElroy, Barbara MacDonald Magone, and I came together to record this tune, which we learned from the cassette tape of fiddle player Mrs. Ellen Galvin that was given to me by Tony MacMahon. A version of this tune was recorded by the great Sligo…

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Moyasta Polka

Another tune from the repertoire of Mrs. Ellen Galvin. It is played on this track for all of us to enjoy by one of my heroes, Josephine Keegan. Josephine again makes full use of modern recording technology in order to be recorded playing both fiddle…

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West End, The

I recorded Mrs. Galvin playing this hornpipe at a concert over fifty years ago in County Clare. Jerry O'Sullivan plays it on this track with a slightly different arrangement. This tune is sometimes attributed to the nineteenth-century Newcastle…

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