Curragh of Kildare


The Curragh is a flat open plain in County Kildare, an area well-known for Irish horse breeding, training, and racing. My original source for this tune was Cathal McConnell, the master musician and singer from County Fermanagh. He played it for me when on that visit to Boston with his musical friends, The Boys of the Lough (see Cathal's Reel).

I gave the recording to my good friend Jerry O'Sullivan, who plays the tune on this track, but with his very own arrangement and interpretation. The phrasing, as one will see, is different from that of the written transcription of Cathal's playing. Fascinating, really, when one thinks of how music can be changed to suit the performer and the instrument. Thanks to both these fine exponents for their contrasting versions.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries

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