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Search Tips


  • A search box appears on all pages of the site. Click on the … for search tips and to use the advanced search option.

  • Navigation tabs appear on all pages of the site, with the following options:

    • Browse Content. Browse a list of music by title or by the order tunes/songs appear in the playlists.

    • Song & Tune Types. Browse a list of tunes/songs by type (reels, jigs, songs, etc.).

    • Essays. Read about Séamus Connolly and the collection. 

    • Playlists. Listen to tracks organized into ten audio playlists. In depth info about each track can be found by searching for the tune name within the collection. 

    • Index. Access indexes for subjects and for performer and composer names via the "about" tab. 


Searching the Content

Tips for searching personal names:

  • A simple name search, such as finbarr dwyer, will find all records with finbarr OR dwyer.
  • To limit the number of matches, insert an AND operator. Example: finbarr AND dwyer.
  • You can also use quotation marks around personal names, but be sure to type the surname first. Example: “dwyer finbarr”.


Boolean AND, OR, NOT operators (case sensitive):

  • ‘AND’ will find instances where both terms occur (e.g., Clare AND fiddle).

  • ‘OR’ will find instances where one or the other term occurs (e.g., violin OR fiddle).

  • ‘NOT’ will find instances where only the first term occurs (e.g., violin NOT fiddle).

  • If no operator is specified, the search engine will assume an “OR” behavior (e.g., entering: ‘violin fiddle’ will return the same results as ‘violin OR fiddle’).

Quotation marks/Exact match:

  • Use double quotation marks to find two or more words in the exact order as typed (e.g., “piano accordion”). 

Wildcard character:

  • Use the asterisk as a wildcard character to find variants on the term. For example, play* will return play, player, played, playing, and so on.


  • To browse all subject terms, or browse all performer and composer names, visit the Index page.