Rock Point Lane


'Rock Point Lane' is the name of the street in California where Sandy's parents live. One Christmas day, around 1990, when she and I were visiting them, the basic outline of this jig came to me. After working on it for a while and deciding which key would best suit the fiddle, Sandy subtly suggested that we videotape it. Secretly understanding her motive, I reluctantly agreed.

I had forgotten completely about the tune and did not remember any of it when years later we came across the videotape and watched it together. She said as we watched it, 'See I told you, I knew you wouldn't remember it'. How right she was! That was Sandy. Always thinking and a step ahead. The tune is more complete now as I give it my best shot on this track. Another transcription of the jig is to be found in A Drop in the Ocean, a book of Irish traditional tunes compiled by my friend Josephine Keegan.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries

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