Celtic Lamb, The


This track comes from the CD To The Dance Floor, released in 2006 by a Rhode Island-based group called The Gnomes. Among its members is Phil Edmonds, the composer of this beautiful tune. Phil and I went to the same school in Killaloe, where we learned to play the tinwhistle, and Phil's father, Eddie Edmonds, was one of my secondary school teachers. The words below are taken from the notes to their CD:

'The Celtic Tiger is the term referring to the system of economics and way of life in Ireland for the past several years. While it has resulted in much wealth for many people (not all), the Celtic Tiger is devouring Irish Culture. Wherever money and material possessions become a priority, the quality of life decreases. Phil wrote this air, "The Celtic Lamb", hoping that Ireland, and all of us, will move towards a more sustainable and gentler lifestyle.'

It gives me great pleasure to have another Killaloe man associated with this collection. Thanks, Phil, for the tune, and thanks to the rest of the band for their participation in this project.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries
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