Clare Glens, The


If ever you get a chance to visit The Clare Glens you will not be disappointed. They are a beautiful wooded area, very picturesque, with walkways on both sides of the Clare River. The Glens are very close to Newport, County Tipperary, and are only seven or eight miles from where I grew up. There are a number of swimming areas and a waterfall. Standing under the falls with the cold mountain water flowing over you is most invigorating.

Not having a name for this polka, I thought, why not call it 'The Clare Glens'? I was honoured to get the opportunity to play it on my fiddle with Monsignor Charlie Coen on concertina. The tune originally came to us from another recording that Ciarán Mac Mathúna made of concertina player Paddy Neil from around that same area of Newport, County Tipperary, a place well-known for its polkas.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries
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