Peig and Mick Ryan


Traditional Irish music is on a strong footing, due in no small way to Peig and Mick Ryan from Murroe, County Limerick. At a time when the music was unpopular, Peig and her husband Mick worked diligently to promote Irish music and culture in all its forms. We have been friends forever it seems. Peig and Mick would visit my home in Killaloe, County Clare, and hearing Peig's flute playing and Mick's singing was always a delight.

When my wife Sandy and I visited Peig a few years ago we recorded her music including this polka (with me playing along). At eighty-four years young, Peig had the same old enthusiasm and fondness for the music. Paddy Neil from near Newport, County Tipperary, recorded this polka for Ciarán Mac Mathúna over fifty years ago. I had originally named it for Mr. Neil, but I'm confident he would approve of my naming it for his friends and neighbours, Peig and Mick Ryan.


Séamus Connolly
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