Scolding Wife, The


The royal welcome Sandy and I received when we visited the home of Geraldine Cotter outside Ennis, with the turf fire burning, really made us picture ourselves one day moving back to Ireland. As we set up our recording equipment, we happened to record (as they say in Ireland, 'accidentally on purpose') Geraldine's playing of what she called 'The Clare Reel'. As it is printed in the O'Neill's 1001 collection, this tune is named 'The Scolding Wife'. I was delighted to hear it again. It was in 1974 that I first heard it played by Tipperary accordionist Paddy O'Brien. Paddy and I had considered recording it for our The Banks of the Shannon record that we made back then.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries

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Cotter, Geraldine (piano), “The Scolding Wife,” The Séamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music, accessed July 12, 2024,