O'Brien's Tower


Paddy O'Brien, the learned and beloved accordionist from County Offaly who now lives in Minneapolis, recorded 'O'Brien's Tower', one of his many compositions, for me while on a visit to the home of Sally K. Sommers Smith Wells and her husband Paul Wells. Paddy possesses a vast repertoire of music, an encyclopedic knowledge of its history, and a profound understanding of the tradition. In his published music collections, a must for scholars and enthusiasts of Irish music, Paddy has compiled hundreds and hundreds of tunes, with stories for every one. Thank you, Paddy, for your music, your encouragement, and your enormous contributions to the traditional music of Ireland.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries

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O'Brien, Paddy (accordion) (composer), “O'Brien's Tower,” The Séamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music, accessed July 17, 2024, https://connollymusiccollection.bc.edu/document/600.