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Jenny Dang the Weaver

This tune is also known as 'Tom Fitzgerald's'. A version may also be found in O'Neill's Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody. Thanks to Johnny McGreevy, who introduced this tune to me, and thanks to one of America's wonderful young musicians, Tina Lech,…

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Bird's Nest, The

Tina Lech, a former fiddle instructor at Boston College, performs this tune for all of us to hear. Tina learned the reel from a tape I gave to her of Larry Redican, the Dublin fiddle player who lived in New York. The tune's title was given to me by…

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Roving Bachelor, The

This tune was played for me by Johnny McGreevy in 1972 on my first visit to Chicago. It may be found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection and in O'Neill's Music of Ireland. My gratitude to Tina Lech for her interpretation of this fine old reel.

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Sporting Nell

A fine version of 'Sporting Nell', played here for us by one of my favourite young fiddle players, the talented Tina Lech from Boston. I first heard this reel in Chicago in 1972 played by another of my favourite fiddle players, the great Johnny…

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Achonry Lassies

Yet another great old tune that was given to me by Chicago fiddle player Johnny McGreevy. The young fiddle player Tina Lech, one of my favourite musicians, plays the tune for us on this track.

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Roger Casey's Reel

One of the most gratifying experiences for any musician is to have the opportunity to play for good dancers. Roger Casey from New York, now an Irish stepdancing adjudicator, was an excellent competitive dancer. When he practiced for competitions back…

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