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Old Wheels of the World (Larry Redican's version)

'The Wheels of the World' is known to musicians as the title of both a reel and a jig. The two tunes are not related musically, and both are unrelated to the tune presented here. I learned 'The Old Wheels of the World' from pianist Eleanor Kane Neary…

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Larry's Strange Jig

Ted McGraw has an amazing collection of music in his library. He sent me this recording of Larry Redican and suggested that it was 'a strange jig'. Ted doesn't know where the recording took place, and he has little or no information about the tune.…

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Rakish Highlander, The

Larry Redican, the great New York fiddle player and composer, once told me he loved going through old books and manuscripts 'looking for strange tunes'. The reel on this track is certainly a version of the tune found in Ryan's Mammoth Collection,…

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