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Small Fox, Big Field

One of the young musicians featured in this collection and for whom I have much admiration is Eric Eid-Reiner. In his own words he tells us about his composition's title: 'This tune has nothing to do with hunting, despite what one might logically…

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Poke and a Tickle, A

While reflecting on Eric Eid-Reiner's musical compositions, my first thought was that he created 'happy music'. Indeed, as Eric himself described it, this is 'a light-hearted jig with a sense of humour'. Eric kindly arrived at Boston College one…

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Johnson State Jig, The

Another tune that Eric Eid-Reiner played for me during that early morning recording session in Gasson Hall on the Boston College campus. Eric told me that he wrote the jig after listening to a lively session at Johnson State College in Vermont. The…

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