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Tulla Lodge

Martin Hayes, the great fiddle player from East Clare, gives us this beautiful rendition of a tune I have given the title 'Tulla Lodge'. This tune was given to me by Larry Gavin.

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Around Lough Graney

Who better to perform this tune than Martin Hayes, whose home place in County Clare is close to Lough Graney? This reel was shared back and forth across the Shannon among musicians from counties Galway, Tipperary, and Clare. Martin's treatment of the…

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Thomas Reilly, Clerk of Fore

Rev. John Quinn from County Leitrim sent me this tune in the 1980s. It was a copy of handwritten music from The Mulvey Manuscript. Stephen Grier wrote it out on the twenty-fifth of May, 1883. Father John has supplied me with many tunes from his part…

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