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For Denis Moynihan

Dancing master Denis Moynihan, as he was known before he officially changed his name to its Irish version, Donncha Ó Muineacháin, was a popular teacher of Irish dance. He was known throughout Ireland for his choreography and repertoire…

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Chestnut Hill

This reel was composed by Séamus McGuire in honour of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, the location of Boston College. Séamus was invited to teach and perform at the Boston College Gaelic Roots Festival. He plays his tune here with his…

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Parkersburg Landing

The music of Ed Haley, a fiddle player born in West Virginia in 1883, has for over twenty years given me much enjoyment and pleasure. My good friend Mr. Joe Wilson, former director of The National Council for the Traditional Arts, gave me a tape of…

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Crystal Schottische

Here is another tune from the playing of Leizime Brusoe. Paul Wells provided the name 'Crystal Schottische'. I sent the tape over to Séamus and Manus McGuire, two wonderful fiddle players, who gave graciously of their time to learn and perform…

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