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Galway Jig, The

Accordionist Larry Gavin, a longtime friend, put this tune on tape for me a few years ago at his home in Tulla, County Clare. Larry is a repository of Irish music, and he raised this tune up from his deep well. Apparently the tune was played by…

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Plains of Mayo, The

This jig is tune number 304 in [George] Petrie's Complete Irish Music. It is given a special melodic lift by Larry Gavin and Micheál O'Rourke on accordion and fiddle. Charlie Lennon adds his own unmistakable accompaniment on piano. They…

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Healy's House

This fine tune comes to us through the courtesy of Richard Dwyer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer from west County Cork, now living in Ennis, County Clare. Richard graciously allowed me to use this excerpt from his solo accordion and…

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Vanishing Keys, The

Many of my fellow chronic misplacers of keys can relate to the above title. What a great name for a great tune! It is played here in grand style by its composer Richard Dwyer in another excerpt from his solo CD In a Creative Mood. Richie's wonderful…

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Mist on the Ocean

This reel comes to us by kind permission of my good friend Richard 'Richie' Dwyer, its composer. It is taken from his CD In a Creative Mood, which he recorded in his native West Cork looking out to sea and the mist on the ocean. Richie is again…

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