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Ned and Dan O'Connor

Another tune from the playing of Máire O'Keeffe. Ned and Dan O'Connor, two musicians from the Scartaglen area of Sliabh Luachra, were often heard playing this slide.

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Freddy Kimmel's

As the howling winds from the Atlantic Ocean blew into Kinvara Harbour, Máire O'Keeffe continued to play her fiddle into the night without interruption (see 'Maurice O'Keeffe's'). The tune that she plays here was learned from the playing of…

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Maurice O'Keeffe's

Máire O'Keeffe is the fiddle player on this track. It is once again a delight to hear my good friend Máire demonstrate the captivating fiddle style of County Kerry. Máire learned this polka from fiddle player Maurice O'Keeffe, a…

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