Montague Processional, The


David Kaynor graciously played his own composition for me, with Pete Sutherland at the piano, at the Northeast Heritage Music Camp held at Johnson State College in Vermont in 2009. David told me that this tune occurred to him after he hosted a fiddle convention, about 1985, in Montague Center, Massachusetts. David is well-known as a caller and fiddle player in the world of New England contra dancing. His tune is very popular at weddings and celebrations. One can certainly imagine a bride walking to this elegant and stately composition. Thanks, David, and a special thanks to Jay Ungar and Swinging Door Music for permission to include the tune in this collection.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries

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Kaynor, David (fiddle) (composer) and Sutherland, Pete (piano), “The Montague Processional,” The Séamus Connolly Collection of Irish Music, accessed July 14, 2024,