Grover Jones' Waltz


The great Appalachian fiddle player Alan Jabbour recorded this tune for me with Ken Perlman on banjo and Pete Sutherland at the piano. Alan told me that Grover Jones loved to play this tune on his fiddle, and even when in the company of other musicians without his fiddle he would always request this waltz. Although Mr. Jones did not compose the tune, it was because of his enthusiasm, love, and eagerness to hear it that his name automatically became associated with it. Dr. Jabbour also told me that he learned the waltz from the legendary West Virginia fiddle player Henry Reed. Listen to the beautiful, sensitive, and refined music of Alan Jabbour. Alan, I have listened to this track many times and every time a little happy tear runs down my face. Lonesome music, my friend.


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries
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