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Fiddler Around the Faerie Tree, The

On the aforementioned occasion some forty years ago, Kathleen Lawrie played 'The Fiddler Around the Faerie Tree' for me as a set dance. Kathleen had learned the tune from dancing master Brendan de Glin from Derry. A shorter version of this tune may…

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Stranger, The

Mrs. Crotty from the town of Kilrush in County Clare played this set dance for Ciarán Mac Mathúna's radio programmes, Ceolta Tire and A Job of Journeywork. I had the honour of playing it with Mrs. Crotty in her home many years ago. As I…

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Blue-Eyed Rascal, The

A tune not often heard is this set dance. I am grateful to Mr. Larry Redican Jr. for giving me permission to present his father's performance of it in this collection. I have fond memories of Larry Sr. playing it for me in my home when I lived in…

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Queen of the Faeries

I learned this set dance from the playing of Larry Redican. Its first few measures seem to be related to the melody of an old tune – also a set dance – called 'The King of the Fairies'. And so, 'here's me' (an old Irish expression)…

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For Denis Moynihan

Dancing master Denis Moynihan, as he was known before he officially changed his name to its Irish version, Donncha Ó Muineacháin, was a popular teacher of Irish dance. He was known throughout Ireland for his choreography and repertoire…

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