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Golden Flower, The

My long-time friend Bill Black, who lives on Cape Cod, would often send tunes to my wife Sandy that he had composed in her honour. Bill's compositions greatly cheered my dear wife during her illness. She particularly liked his tune 'How Are You,…

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Ancient Stones

My long-time friend Margaret Lawrie from Birmingham, England, composed this lovely air. The tune was the title track on her latest CD recording, which was dedicated to ten-year-old Rose Cronin, who died of leukemia. Meg told me that she took pictures…

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Winifred's Well

Another composition by Margaret Lawrie, twin sister of Kathleen Lawrie, who plays on several tracks in this collection. The tune somehow reminded her of scenes she encountered in the Welsh Highlands, so Michael Burnham, who plays fiddle on this track…

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Miss Chrysandra Walter

Writing the stories of these tunes brings back many memories. When Sandy, my late wife, was diagnosed with kidney cancer, my life was turned upside down. We were so happy together and loved doing and planning different things: places to see, friends…

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Margaret Lawrie's Galliard

Margaret Lawrie wrote this third and final tune that she and Michael Burnham recorded for this collection. It may also be heard on their own CD Bygone Days, a recording dedicated to Meg's grandfather, fiddle player Michael Cullen from County…

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I'll Always Remember You

Performed by my friend Bonnie Bewick Brown on violin, along with her friends Julianne Lee on viola and Mickey Katz on cello, this tune came to me on the morning in 1988 when my mother passed on to her place of eternal joy and rest. Being away from…

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