Miss Chrysandra Walter


Writing the stories of these tunes brings back many memories. When Sandy, my late wife, was diagnosed with kidney cancer, my life was turned upside down. We were so happy together and loved doing and planning different things: places to see, friends to visit, recordings to make. To help and encourage young and talented people, and to travel, were part of our dreams. After I left Chrysandra at the hospital, late at night whilst driving home I thought of how good she was to me and how she wanted to make my life comfortable and easy. She always said, 'When you are with me, Baby, all you have to do is breathe'. She gave her whole life to me and, until the day she left us, was dedicated to me and to her beloved National Park Service of the United States of America.

Anyway, as I drove home that night, many tears flowed like a river and the pain hurt, but the beginning notes of this tune came to me. As I sat in her hospital room for the next few days I worked on the air, writing it on the corners of the local paper 'The Boston Globe'. The end result is what you have on this track. It is played by my friend Bonnie Bewick Brown, a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Bonnie also arranged 'Miss Chrysandra Walter' for cello and viola and invited her friends to perform it, and they did so beautifully. I am forever grateful to Bonnie for this wonderful arrangement and for all the help she gave to me on this project. I know Sandy would be very proud of this tune and how it was played. My dear wife and friend Chrysandra will be forever remembered by me, and through this tune her memory will live on!


Séamus Connolly
Boston College Libraries
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